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 Updates and tweaks to the server

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PostSubject: Updates and tweaks to the server   Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:29 pm

Devin, as requested, here is a list of all the skills and components that need to be worked on:

-Use coal to make ores.
-Fix the "Make 1/5/10/x" option when selecting the bar you want to smelt on the furnace.
-Remove item ID's when you smith an item on the anvil
-Tweak some of the messages when smithing an item or when you don't have the required level to smith the item.

-Make the animation face towards the pond when fishing, rather than have the player's NPC facing backwards/sideways

-Add the animation when fletching bows/arrowshafts/crossbow stocks etc...

-Some tasks are bugged when they get assigned (eg required to kill 20 rock slugs, but when you kill a rockslug, you get 0xp and the killcount doesnt go down) [THIS IS ONLY FOR CERTAIN TASKS]
-Add the NPC's to tasks you are assigned, some NPC's dont exist ingame yet
-Fix Slayer Helm (Add the task attack bonuses - if unsure about what i'm referring to, look up the slayer helmet on osrs wiki) [THIS IS MINOR - CAN GET TO THIS LATER]

-Unable to pick the herbs when plant is mature

-Complete the Normal Spellbook with each spell working properly (e.g. Charge, bones to peaches, superheat item etc...)

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PostSubject: Re: Updates and tweaks to the server   Sat Jan 09, 2016 2:56 am

Thank you for the suggestion, ill get to them soon as possible!
King regards ~ Solace team
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Updates and tweaks to the server
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